July 2014 cover

July 2014

In the July issue, we spotlight the various entities which businesses can turn to for assistance, in this, our 4th Annual Economic Development Handbook. Among the collection of articles, we would like you to focus attention on the 40th anniversary spotlight on the EDA, the independent state agency that, since 1974, has helped create more than 333,100 new jobs in the state and has provided more than $23.6 billion in financing assistance through its vast array of business loan, grant and tax incentive programs. Other stories in this series of articles describe the attributes that make New Jersey a great place to locate or expand a business. We feature the state’s top-tier healthcare system, the close collaboration between institutions of higher education and the business community, a transportation infrastructure that is being refurbished, and, of course, our great tourism venues, because we all know that quality of life and recreation are as important as – and should be part of – one’s work ethic.

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