Career Success program

Be Prepared, Lt. Governor Tells Students 

NJBIA takes part in Junior Achievement program

Fifteen central New Jersey middle and high school students left their regular classrooms behind on May 27 for a session on career readiness and employability skills at NJBIA’s Trenton headquarters that included a presentation by Lt. Governor Kim Guadagno.

The students were from Building Our Youth’s Development (B.O.Y.D.), and they came for an intensive workshop developed by Junior Achievement, titled JA Career Success.

For the students, who ranged from age 11 to 16, it was an opportunity to learn about the skills they will need in the working world as well as how to plan their careers. The program helped students learn to solve problems by presenting them with hypothetical work scenarios and developing their creativity, critical thinking and communication.

NJBIA’s partnership with Junior Achievement is part of its Workforce Development Initiative which consists of several programs aimed at ensuring New Jersey employers, the members of NJBIA, have access to a pool of workers that are well trained for available job opportunities.

The Lt. Governor congratulated the students for preparing themselves to take advantage when career opportunities are presented. She said that she never expected a career in Trenton, but was ready when the opportunity came along.

“You just have to be ready for what’s going to happen and what can happen. That’s what you guys are doing here right now,” she said. “You’re getting the tools you need to be ready – to be ready when you get that call.”

Programs were presented by members of the NJBIA staff, including Acting President Melanie Willoughby.

“It is very gratifying to share your knowledge with students who are so bright and engaged and eager to learn,” Willoughby said. “The best part is that it gives the business community a chance to help educate the students that may one day come to work for them.”

Catherine Milone, president of Junior Achievement of New Jersey, added, “Business owners and leaders help provide a unique perspective and their experiences provide students with lessons that they cannot learn anywhere else.”

Get Involved!

NJBIA has enjoyed a valuable partnership with Junior Achievement of New Jersey and invites its member companies to share their knowledge of the working world with the students of today, and the workers of tomorrow. To find out how your company can volunteer and get involved, please contact Junior Achievement at 609-419-0404.

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