April 2015 cover

April 2015

In our cover story, “Jobs for the 21st Century,” we talk to a number of experts in the field of higher education and economics, and explore the in-demand careers of today and tomorrow, covering global business opportunities, STEM jobs, the ongoing value of a liberal arts education and more. There is hope for the youth of today in landing gainful employment. Yet, sometimes it all comes down to the individual.

This issue also features our ongoing Roundtable Series, where we are speaking with the leadership of New Jersey’s utilities with “Power Utilities Take a ‘Resilient’ Stance.” They are investing billions in infrastructure to keep businesses and residents “empowered.”

Additionally, this issue examines “New Jersey Environmental Infrastructure Trust,” where we discover how this agency provides funding for drinking water, waste water and stormwater projects. Along the same lines – and in the spirit of Earth day – we are writing about “Earth-Friendly Ventures,” spotlighting how businesses and institutions are committed to a clean environment.

April also features our “Annual Industrial Review,” and an economic look at “Declining Business Bankruptcies.”

We close out this issue with an annual special section by the New Jersey Hospital Association, focusing attention on “Prepared to Care.”

We hope you enjoy these and other stories in this issue.

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