NJBA President’s Letter




New Jersey banks are dedicated to the success of the communities they serve whether they are providing loans for the purchase of a home, loans to help expand a small business, guidance for preserving wealth or lending a hand to help a local foodbank or Little League team. Bankers are committed to their neighbors and the New Jersey Bankers Association is committed to serving the banking industry in New Jersey.

Occasionally, NJBankers is asked the question, so what is the value of NJBankers to its members? The simplest response is that as a trade association that represents 103 banks and over 230 associate members, NJBankers can accomplish things that individual institutions could not possibly achieve on their own. One example of that is in the area of advocacy. Our association represents the entire New Jersey banking industry and speaks with one, strong and united voice.

Another key area where NJBankers adds value is in the education and professional development of our members. As an organization that represents banks with a dedicated staff of professionals, we’re able to provide offerings on a wide range of subjects from industry leading experts on topics ranging from changing demographics to diversity to cybersecurity.

Along with our members’ varied community service efforts, NJBankers also serves the community. The New Jersey Bankers Charitable Foundation is one example. Our Habitat for Humanity Bankers Build initiative is another way to help us connect with those in need.  Read on for information about these resources.

Of course NJBankers can add value in other meaningful ways as well. Bankers Cooperative Group, the self-contained brokerage facility for NJBankers members and associate members is the leading provider of employee benefit programs for New Jersey’s banking industry. BCG is able to leverage nearly 8,000 industry employees and their dependents to negotiate group employee benefit programs and pricing not generally attainable on an individual employer basis.

So as we move forward, we’re committed to the never-ending search for ways where NJBankers can provide value to our members. NJBankers promotes an environment that fosters a vibrant banking community thus supporting a prosperous New Jersey. We believe in our mission that “With New Jersey banks, New Jersey prospers.”

John E. McWeeney, Jr.
President and CEO
New Jersey Bankers Association


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