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Memorial Donor Garden Grows

Medtronic Eatontown Operations

In 2003, Medtronic Eatontown Operations created the Infinity Donor Memorial Garden to represent an eternal connection between donors of human bone and connective tissue, and those who have received the gift and the life-changing benefits that come with it.

Medtronic is a global leader in the processing of human tissue to provide life-enhancing procedures such as spinal fusions and disc replacement, and is an innovator in the manufacturing of biologic, biomaterial and device systems for musculoskeletal surgery.

Located just outside the 51 James Way tissue processing facility’s location, the garden flourished and was a reminder of the company’s mission to both employees and visitors. But with Medtronic Eatontown’s real estate consolidations, it had to be relocated to another area on the site.

The new donor garden’s design was based on employee concepts that were submitted during 2014; it was dedicated in September 2015 during an employee celebration that included a ribbon cutting attended by Eatontown Mayor Dennis Connelly, key members of Medtronic’s Spine and Biologics Senior Leadership team from Memphis, Tennessee, and other local government officials.

The garden now contains a second heart-shaped planted area, which is a mirror image of the first garden, joined by a water garden in the center of the two hearts. Together, the two hearts form the shape of an infinity symbol, signifying how the donor gift is limitless in the way it enhances the lives of others.

The Infinity Donor Memorial Garden serves as an area of reflection for the site’s more than 200 employees as well as for donor families, tissue recipients and their tissue recovery partners. It also provides a tranquil environment for recommitting to the company’s core vision of “Transforming the Gift of Donation to Enhance Lives” and is a beautiful and constant reminder of the importance of the work performed daily by the Eatontown employees.

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