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Wheaton to Commercialize Breakthrough Technology Providing Plastic Components with Pure Glass Interiors

Millville-based WHEATON® announced that it will begin offering an innovative, breakthrough technology that allows for the manufacture of plastic exterior components with complete interior coverage of pure glass. The broad range of products envisioned from the application of this technology will provide numerous benefits to its clinical science customers. Attendees of the 2015 AACC Clinical Lab Expo, July 26-30 at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta, are invited to visit WHEATON® at Booth 3615 to learn more about this innovative technology.

“This breakthrough will allow us to provide products that have the best of both worlds: the lightweight, break resistant properties of plastic with the barrier qualities and inert inner surface of pure glass,” said Wayne Brinster, president and CEO of WHEATON®. “For 126 years, Wheaton has been an innovator in glass as well as plastic for laboratories. Customers look to us to solve their needs and this technology will allow us to develop purpose built products that blend the features of both glass and plastic into a single innovative solution.”

Brinster says the technology is broadly applicable across the bulk of the company’s product range. Benefits of a pure glass interior include the elimination of compounds from the container contaminating the contents as occasionally occurs with plastic products, while also providing an interior surface with less vapor transmission and higher resistance to solvents. This is combined with the benefit of the plastic exterior protecting the glass from cracking and breakage.

“We understand that there are many applications where using a plastic product or a glass product are appropriate,” said Brinster. “But we also know that there are applications where having both materials in one product has long been needed. These premium products will fill those needs as none have been available until now. The tooling needed for broad production of the glass and plastic products is being built now and we expect to begin delivery of these products to customers in the fourth quarter this year.”

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