Merandex is Solving Problems with Technology

This technology solutions company helps businesses run more efficiently.

The rapid pace of technological change that we see in today’s digital age simply cannot be ignored. Its impact can be felt throughout all industries, and businesses across the globe are grappling every day to stay on top of current trends, as well as bracing themselves for inevitable disruption.

In 2011, Dave Sokoler asked himself a simple question, “How can I help businesses do better with technology?”

He wasn’t talking about IT and simply helping to maintain servers, but instead was looking to help different types of businesses solve problems with technology.

Sokoler – who previously worked at Bell Labs as a software developer – began helping the Red Bank Veterinary Hospital by automating a number of its systems, which helped operations run much more efficiently.

The platform and products that emerged from this initial work transformed into what is now known as Merandex Technology Solutions, Sokoler’s own company which is located in Colts Neck. Not only is Sokoler the company’s founder, but save for a few 1099 workers, he’s the only employee.

“Most of the software was built by me over the last eight years or so,” he says. “It’s a passion of mine from my years at Bell Labs, Lucent and Avaya.

“It’s a little tough to explain to people what it is Merandex does because it does a lot of things,” Sokoler says. “Our platform is so malleable to the needs of whatever problem a business wants to solve. … We can do just about anything – we just need to know what it is you want to do.”

Sokoler gives one example of a company that sells defibrillators that wanted a better way to track the expiration dates of the pads and batteries of the devices.

“We used our platform to give the company a database to enter every [defibrillator] that it sells with all of the expiration information. The platform then not only reminds the company about the expirations, but it also sends out an e-mail reminding customers, and providing them with an opportunity to re-order expiring parts,” Sokoler explains.

Another Merandex product is the ever-evolving IntroWave Mobile App, which acts as a digital business card.

Sokoler says the app is fully customizable from the ability to add company info and unique links to a company’s page or products, all the way down to a custom image that appears on the other person’s phone as the app’s icon (think: headshot or company logo). Clients can refer others, which will then send a notification to their phone, providing a link that allows them to download the digital business card directly to their phone.

Sokoler also has his eyes on the future – excited at the possibilities of new products that he can offer down the road based on new technologies that come about. “There is constant innovation,” he says. “After 10 ideas, there might be one that works and becomes a product that survives.”

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