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R&D Council of NJ to Honor Top Inventors at 44th Annual Edison Patent Awards

Bell Labs Researcher Victor Lawrence, Health Care Leader Robert C. Garrett, and Senator/Physicist Andrew Zwicker to Receive Top Honors during November 15th Ceremony

The Research & Development Council of New Jersey (R&D Council) announced today the honorees and winners of the 2023 Edison Patent Awards, the state’s highest recognition for inventors and innovation. These 14 winning patents created by 60 inventors and the three individual award winners will be honored during the 44th annual Edison Patent Award Ceremony and Reception on November 15, 2023 at Liberty Science Center in Jersey City.

The R&D Council will honor retired Bell Laboratories inventor and communications trailblazer Victor Lawrence, Ph.D. with its highest honor: the Science and Technology Medal; Robert C. Garrett, CEO of Hackensack Meridian Health will receive the Chairman’s Award; New Jersey Senator Andrew Zwicker, Ph.D. of Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory (PPPL) will be honored with the Educator of the Year Award.

2023 Edison Patent Award winners are American Standard Brands, BASF, Bristol Myers Squibb, Consolidated Energy Design, Mentor Worldwide, LLC, a Johnson & Johnson Company, Merck Research Laboratories, New Jersey Institute of Technology, Nokia Bell Labs, Princeton University, Rowan University, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, Siemens Technology, and Stevens Institute of Technology. The recognized patents range from a pharmaceutical drug to address cardiovascular disease to a secure data sharing and processing method that enhances cybersecurity.

Winners were selected by a team of R&D Council researchers who evaluated patents for the significance of the problem, utility/socio-economic value, novelty, and commercial impact. All winning patents must have at least part of the technical/scientific work completed in New Jersey. A complete list of winners, patent names, and numbers can be found below.

“The Edison Patent Awards honors the brilliant minds and visionary companies propelling New Jersey to the forefront of global innovation,” stated Colleen Ruegger, RPh, Ph.D., Chair of the R&D Council Board of Directors and Executive Director, Technical Research & Development at Novartis. “Within the Garden State, Thomas Edison’s profound legacy continues to thrive, embodied by the 60 remarkable honorees who remind us that Innovation Lives Here in New Jersey.”

Victor Lawrence, Ph.D. will receive the Science & Technology Medal for his prolific and notable contributions to the global telecommunications industry. Dr. Lawrence’s lifetime of technical innovation and achievements have enabled the rapid development of faster data communications technologies for a wide range of applications and the development of the communications industry at large. His work has greatly enhanced the competitiveness of the U.S. and the lives of billions worldwide by connecting them to the Internet. The Science & Technology Medal is awarded annually by the R&D Council to New Jersey innovators who have achieved outstanding and unparalleled advancements in the fields of science and technology and have demonstrated extraordinary performance in bringing innovation from the laboratory to the marketplace.

Hackensack Meridian Health Chief Executive Officer Robert C. Garrett will be honored with the Chairman’s Award at the Edison Patent Awards, for his efforts to impact health care outcomes and medical innovation in New Jersey. Mr. Garrett will be recognized for his role in advancing medical education, behavioral health, cancer care, and innovation and research. The Chairman’s Award honors New Jerseyans for their outstanding effort and leadership in uniting industry, academia, and the state in pursuit of a research-based economy in New Jersey.

The Educator of the Year Award will be awarded to New Jersey Senator Andrew Zwicker, Ph.D., head of Communications and Public Outreach at Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory. Both as a physicist and a legislator, Senator Zwicker has made education a centerpiece of his career. He has launched numerous education-related programming at PPPL including internship and apprenticeship programs to support current and future scientists and, in the New Jersey Legislature, has sponsored numerous bills to support New Jersey students and improve the state’s education system. The Educator of the Year Award recognizes a leader in New Jersey for their achievements in the advancement of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) education in New Jersey.

The 44th annual Edison Patent Awards Ceremony and Reception will take place on Wednesday, November 15, 2023 at the Liberty Science Center. During the ceremony each award winner will have a special tribute film premiered in their honor.

2023 Edison Patent Award Winners

Organization Category Patent Name and Number Inventor Names
American Standard Brands Public Health Collection Systems for Use in Offset Pit Latrines Having Pour Flush Latrine Pans, Collectors, Offset Pit Latrines and Related Methods, US 2015/0026877 Daigo Ishiyama, Gregory M. Gatarz,

James McHale

BASF Environmental Adsorbents and Methods of Making and Using Adsorbents,

U.S. Patent 10,953,383

Artem Vityuk, Alfonse Maglio, Keenan Deutsch, Linda Hratko
Bristol Myers Squibb Biotechnology Phosphorous (V)-Based Reagents, Processes for the Preparation Thereof, and Their Use in Making Stereo-Defined Organophosphorous (V) Compounds,

U.S. Patent 11,613,554

Michael Schmidt, Bin Zheng, Kyle Krouse, Justine DeGruyter, Martin Eastgate, Phil Baran, William R. Ewing, Richard Olson,

Ivar McDonald

Consolidated Energy Design Energy Method and System for Automatically Adapting End User Power Usage, U.S. Patent 9,002,761 Rey Montalvo
Mentor Worldwide, LLC, a Johnson & Johnson Company Medical Device Directional Tissue Expander,

U.S. Patent 9,463,087

Krasimira Hristov, Luis Alberto Davila, Anita M. Falcon, Michael Hoffman
Merck Research Laboratories Pharmaceutical Preparation of Cyclic Peptides as PCSK9 Antagonist Compounds,

U.S. Patent 11,427,616 B2

Harold B. Wood, Hubert B. Josien, Thomas Joseph Tucker, Angela Dawn Kerekes, Ling Tong, Abbas M. Walji, Anikumar G. Nair, Fa-Xiang Ding, Elisabettta Bianchi, Danila Branca, Chengwei Wu, Yusheng Xiong, Sookhee Nicole Ha, Jian Liu, Sobhana Babu Boga
New Jersey Institute of Technology Medical Technology Method, System, and Apparatus for Treatment of Binocular Dysfunctions, U.S. Patent 10,335,342 Tara Lynn Alvarez, John Vito D’Antonio-Bertagnolli, Robert Gioia,

Mitchell Scheiman, Chang Yaramothu

Nokia Bell Labs Telecommunications Method and Apparatus for Allocating Resources of a Frequency Band in a Wireless System Supporting at Least Two Radio Access Technologies,

U.S. Patent 9,100,978

Harish Viswanathan
Princeton University Biomaterials Devices with Multiple Surface Functionality, U.S. Patent 8,993,117 B2 Jeffrey Schwartz
Rowan University Sustainability Asphalt Concrete Having a High Yield Recycled Content and Method of Making the Same,

U.S. Patent 10,053,821

Yusuf Mehta, Aaron Nolan, Khyati Sonpal, Prashant Shirodkar
Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey Forensic Science Systems and Methods for Determining an Unknown Characteristic of a Sample, U.S. Patent 10,504,614 Catherine Grgicak, Desmond Lun,

Muriel Medard, Harish Swaminathan

Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey Agriculture Downy Mildew Resistant/Tolerant Sweet Basil Varieties,
U.S. Patent 10,159,212
James E. Simon, Robert Pyne,

C. Andrew Wyenandt

Siemens Technology Industrial Processes Machine Diagnosis Using Mobile Devices and Cloud Computers

U.S 2020/0356898

Tao Cui, Gunter Struck, Heiko Claussen,

Ram Kuruganty

Stevens Institute of Technology Information Technology Systems and Methods for Quantum -Secured Private-Preserving Computations,

WO Patent WO2021077021A1

Yuping Huang

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