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What Would You Do with $100?

NJM conducts survey to coincide with special dividend.

More than half of the respondents in a recent survey of New Jersey residents indicated they would save, invest or pay down credit card debt if they received an extra $100. The online survey, commissioned by New Jersey Manufacturers Insurance Company (one of the leading auto insurers in New Jersey), polled 400 New Jersey residents ages 18 and above. Results were as follows: 30.75 percent would save or invest the money; 25 percent, pay down credit card debt; 19.75 percent, purchase holiday gifts; 8.75 percent, treat someone special to dinner; 8 percent, buy themselves a gift or service; 5.75 percent, other; 2 percent, donate to a charity of cause. A response video of people being canvassed on the street can be accessed at

The survey coincides with the release of NJM’s 21st consecutive Special Dividend mailing. From mid-November through mid-December, NJM paid an average Special Dividend of $115 per policy to approximately 425,000 personal auto policyholders. In total, $53.4 million was shared with policyholders.

The Special Dividend declaration represents 6 percent of premiums paid for policies written during 2013, an increase of 40% over last year’s Special Dividend and the largest since 2008. Special Dividends supplement NJM’s traditional practice of paying Regular Dividends, which are credited to policies at renewal. Regular Dividends have been declared each year since 1918 and are currently being paid to personal auto policyholders at a rate of 5% of the past year’s premium.

Founded in 1913, NJM is a leading provider of personal automobile and workers’ compensation insurance in the Garden State, and a major carrier for homeowners, umbrella, and commercial auto insurance. Eligibility to apply for NJM is available to New Jersey Business & Industry Association (NJBIA) member companies and their employees, and employees of the state of New Jersey. NJM operates in a mutual fashion, and more than $5.6 billion in collective dividends have been returned to policyholders since 1918. For more information visit:

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