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Secure Your Spot: Celebrate Morris County’s Economic Awards

On April 11th, Morris County will spotlight its economic achievements at the 31st Annual Partners in Economic Development Awards at the Hyatt Regency in Morristown. Representing the collective achievements of its 39 diverse communities, this event highlights the region’s remarkable $60 billion Gross Regional Product (GRP).

This event serves as a platform to recognize and celebrate the influential leaders, innovative businesses, and dynamic organizations key to Morris County’s ongoing prosperity and growth. This gathering commemorates past achievements and looks forward to the future, reinforcing the county’s commitment to fostering an environment where economic opportunities can flourish.

This year’s awards ceremony is a collaborative effort between the Morris County Economic Development Corporation (MCEDC) and the Morris County Economic Development Alliance, along with the Morris County Tourism Bureau, symbolizing a powerful partnership to foster economic growth and innovation across the county.

Presidents Craig Schlosser and Meghan Hunscher, who are at the helm of the Morris County Economic Development Alliance and the Morris County Chamber of Commerce, jointly emphasize the importance of collaboration in driving the region’s economic success. “Our united front at the Annual Event showcases the strength of our partnerships within the Morris County Chamber of Commerce ecosystem, paving the way for new opportunities and bolstering economic development throughout the county,” they shared.

The event’s highlights include keynote speeches by Lauren LaRusso and Thomas Abdallah, who will discuss tourism and development and host a panel discussion on Downtown Development, which will focus on the synergies between office development, multi-family housing, and unique retail spaces.

As Morris County continues to evolve, marked by its vibrant downtowns and global corporate presence, the Partners in Economic Development Awards remain a cornerstone for celebrating this dynamic region’s achievements and future potential. Be part of Morris County’s economic journey by purchasing your tickets here!

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