NGN Daniels Way

It’s Better in Burlington

250 Daniels Way, Burlington

Construction of this $30-million, 677,815-square-foot, build-to-suit project at 250 Daniels Way for Burlington Stores, Inc. has been touted as a success of the New Jersey Economic Development Authority’s (NJEDA) Grow New Jersey Assistance Program, which strives to retain businesses and jobs in the state. In addition to employing some 200 people during the project’s development, Burlington Stores’ decision to remain in Burlington County instead of relocating to Pennsylvania created 100 new, full-time jobs.

A number of factors contributed to Burlington Stores’ selection of the 56-acre site at Whitesell Construction Co., Inc.’s Haines Center for its new state-of-the-art distribution center. The site is located in a meticulously maintained, master-planned industrial development with significant infrastructure investment, including direct access to major highways. It is strategically located at New Jersey Turnpike Exit 6 and the Pennsylvania Turnpike connector, and is less than an hour’s drive to the ports of New Jersey and Philadelphia. From a competitive standpoint, this enables Burlington Stores to provide same day delivery to a marketplace of between 25 and 30 million people. Additionally, commuting Burlington Stores employees benefit from having NJ TRANSIT’s River LINE Florence light rail station within walking distance of the building.

250 Daniels Way incorporates best practices in site plan design within a Burlington Township Redevelopment Zone. During planning and site work stages, measures were taken to minimize erosion and sediment deposited in nearby streams. Whitesell also included a storm water management system at the site to reduce sediment and pollutant run-off, while enhancing groundwater recharge. The landscape design features drought-tolerant and native plants and, to reduce water consumption, irrigation is limited to high profile areas.

Today, Burlington Stores not only has greater space and new material handling equipment to increase its capacity and efficiency of operations, but a building that was designed for expandability of 321,000 square feet to accommodate future growth.

OGP Architects, LLP

Whitesell Construction Co., Inc.

State Farm Life Insurance Company
Wayne, PA

Debra P. DiLorenzo
President & CEO
Chamber of Commerce Southern New Jersey


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