2024 New Jersey Hospital Association Special Section

In sociology, we learn that institutions like government, religion, education, the economy and medicine provide a framework to organize our lives within a society. Each of these institutions play a central role in our well-being, but I would venture that none are more universal than the importance of good health. We may not appreciate that on a daily basis, but it comes into stark focus when illness impacts you or someone you love.

That’s why NJHA and its 400 members are passionate about delivering health to the people of New Jersey. Hospitals are anchors in their communities. They are a source of care for the sick and injured; a safety net for the vulnerable; employ 155,000 and provide economic opportunity for individuals and other businesses; and are a community partner in addressing social needs like healthy foods and safe housing. These important roles bring a lot of scrutiny. In the post-pandemic world, we all have concerns about access to healthcare services, affordability, equity and how our health system is prepared to care for us as we age.

In this special section, we explore some of the issues shaping healthcare today and into the future, including a patient population that is sicker and older and a workforce shortage that demands a new approach in developing healthcare professionals. 

With so much at stake, we’ll need all social institutions – including government and education – to join us in protecting the state of health that New Jerseyans expect and deserve.

Cathy Bennett

President and CEO

New Jersey Hospital Association

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