US Supreme Court Hears Oral Arguments in NJ Sports Betting Case

U.S. Supreme Court today essentially explored whether or not a 1990s-era federal law banning sports betting unconstitutionally interferes with states’ rights, in a case involving New Jersey.  The state, in effect, wants to be able to make sports betting legal, so that it can regulate it. Some states, such as Nevada, are already allowed to have sports betting because they formed their laws before the federal government did, and were thus grandfathered in.

While the Supreme Court has not yet ruled on the matter, according to an article by Richard Wolf and Herb Jackson of USA TODAY, the writers said Governor Chris Christie, “who appeared confident outside court after the hour-long argument, said the option should be open. ‘If the people of those states decide they want to do what Nevada is already being permitted to do, they should be permitted to do it,’ he said.”

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