Tris Partners with Perigon to Deliver ADHD Drug

Monmouth Junction-based Tris Pharma, Inc. (Tris), a commercial-stage biopharmaceutical company focused on attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), pain, addiction and neurological disorders, has announced a new partnership with Perigon Pharmacy 360, a full-service, specialty digital pharmacy, to enhance accessibility, affordability and adherence for patients treating symptoms of ADHD with Tris’ DYANAVEL® XR (amphetamine) extended-release tablets.

Together, Tris Pharma and Perigon launched a direct-to-patient program, DYANAVEL Delivered, that allows patients and caregivers to access DYANAVEL XR extended-release tablets through Perigon’s digital pharmacy, enhance their medication management, and receive reimbursement assistance and support to help navigate their treatment journey while reducing administrative burden for both patients and providers.

The program is available across the United States, enabling nationwide access to DYANAVEL XR extended-release tablets. Patients and physicians wishing to access the DYANAVEL Delivered program can learn more at www.dyanavel.com/delivered.

“This partnership underscores our continued commitment to ensuring patients have access to the medications they need to treat their ADHD symptoms,” said Ketan Mehta, founder and CEO at Tris Pharma. “In an environment where shortages have been significant and widespread for more than a year, Tris Pharma is among the relatively few companies that have managed to not only maintain but increase supply of our ADHD medications without interruption. Our program with Perigon builds on this success by offering patients a more convenient way to consistently obtain access to their DYANAVEL XR extended-release tablet prescription.”

Since the November 2021 approval of DYANAVEL XR extended-release tablets, Tris Pharma has seen a consistent increase in prescription volume and taken steps to manage manufacturing volume to ensure that the company is able to consistently meet and exceed demand. The DYANAVEL Delivered program is designed to help eliminate bottlenecks by delivering DYANAVEL XR extended-release tablets directly to patients and caregivers.

“We’re incredibly excited to partner with Tris Pharma on this program, because we believe it has the potential to enhance quality of care and reduce prescription access challenges for ADHD patients during a particularly critical time,” said Ted Mills, CEO at Perigon Pharmacy 360. “Additionally, this partnership will provide important insights about the impact of innovative technology and advanced healthcare solutions on real-world patient outcomes.”

DYANAVEL XR extended-release tablets are approved for the treatment of ADHD in patients aged 6 years and older. This medication is developed using Tris Pharma’s proprietary LiquiXR® technology to create a non-degrading diffusion coating that offers a consistent, controlled release of medication over time.

DYANAVEL XR is a federally controlled substance (CII) because it contains amphetamine that can be a target for people who abuse prescription medicines or street drugs.

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