Stewardship Financial Corporation Announces Michael A. Westra as Chairman

Midland Park-based Atlantic Stewardship Bank announced the election of Michael A. Westra as chairman of the Board of Directors for Stewardship Financial Corporation and the bank. President and Chief Executive Officer, Paul Van Ostenbridge stated, “Stewardship Financial Corporation and Atlantic Stewardship Bank welcome Michael A. Westra as chairman. We look forward to working with Chairman Westra and the remainder of the corporate leadership team as the bank continues to expand in our current market and beyond.”

Michael A. Westra is president and general manager of Wayne Tile Corporation, which engages in the import and wholesale and retail sale of tile and stone. Prior to joining Wayne Tile Corporation, Mr. Westra, as a certified public accountant, gained experience auditing national corporations. Westra brings to the Board of Directors in-depth knowledge of generally accepted accounting principles and auditing standards as well as insight into the local market area.  He is a graduate of Calvin College, Grand Rapids, Michigan. Westra has been a director of the corporation and the bank since 2005 and has served as both vice chairman and corporate secretary of both the corporation and the bank at various times. Westra currently serves on the Audit Committee and the Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee.

“In our thirty-third year of operation, we continue to provide superior financial services to the community under the committed leadership of the Board of Directors. As we transition to our new Chairman, we sincerely express gratitude to the outstanding contributions and foresight provided by Richard W. Culp who held the position of chairman.  We are fortunate to still have Director Culp serve on the boards of the corporation and the bBank as well as several Board Committees,” added Van Ostenbridge.

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