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South Jersey Technical Training Launches New Pre-Apprenticeship Program

Elmer-based South Jersey Technical Training & Apprenticeship LLC, which is committed to ensuring that student are ready for a successful career in the electrical and HVAC fields, launched its’ new Pre-Apprenticeship Program during National Apprenticeship Week in November. On hand for the announcement ceremony were representatives from the United States Department of Labor, Office of Apprenticeship, and Employment Training Administration.

South Jersey Technical Training & Apprenticeship LLC is the first school in New Jersey to offer this program to students, which allows them to receive their trade skill training in conjunction with their year-one apprenticeship hours. The training center currently offers three programs, which are Electrician classes, OSHA training, and HVAC training.

“We are proud to be the first school in the entire state of New Jersey to offer this new Pre-apprenticeship Program that allows students to receive their trade skill training in conjunction with their year one apprenticeship hours,” said South Jersey Technical Training & Apprenticeship CEO Kortney Guth. “It’s the perfect program for those seeking to fast-track their career goals, avoid debt, and earn a competitive wage. With our financing options, there is no better, more affordable education around,” continued Guth. “Our combined classroom and hands-on space totals 5,203 square feet. Training is conducted in a classroom setting and in a hands-on workshop area. There is also an outdoor project area for learning to work in the elements and how to handle situations in the “real environment.”

“I am proud to be a part of New Jersey’s first formal collaboration with an industry-accredited training center- South Jersey Technical Training Center, Cumberland Regional High School, and Bridgeton High School,” said Nicole Fields of the USDOL. “This Pre-Apprenticeship Program is unique in multiple ways. To begin, Cumberland County has one of the highest socio-demographic backgrounds in the state of New Jersey. The structure of this Pre-Apprenticeship Program will allow for the promotion of equal employment opportunity through diversity and inclusion in the workplace – including race, gender, sexual orientation, and ability. The youth in this program will be positioned to thrive in a high-demand workforce that will provide them with competitive wages, gain a supportive network to prepare them to navigate their career goals, a platform to highlight their experience to their communities, and the relevant training to start their careers,” said Fields.

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