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Schemly Appointed to Leadership Role at AQUABLUE

AQUABLUE, a Ramsey-based leading integrated telecommunications provider specializing in enterprise communications, announced that Thomas Schemly has joined the leadership team as vice president of strategic partnerships and business development.

Schemly joins AQUABLUE from ZenFi Networks, where he was most recently in charge of the telecom solutions business unit. AQUABLUE will be leveraging Schemly’s experience with customized fiber builds and solving the myriad of obstacles its customers face in the new normal post COVID. His knowledge of products, services, routes, systems, and municipalities will allow AQUABLUE to offer its customers more customizable solutions as it heads into its sixth year.

“We are thrilled to have Tom join the AQUABLUE team. He brings a wealth of industry knowledge to his clients along with the high touch white glove service that we are known for across the industry.” said Jim Erickson, Chief Commercial Officer, AQUABLUE.

Schemly, who will work closely with international clients to support global efforts overseas, has been tasked with managing a vast majority of AQUABLUE’s larger new opportunities as well as existing relationships across multiple verticals. Working hand-in-hand with senior management, he will also be advising on new products and additional avenues of revenue generation.

“I am very proud and excited that Tom, a true business development professional and industry veteran, chose to join the team at AQUABLUE. Growth and success can’t happen without quality people, and this is another sign that we are doing all the right things here to attract great talent like Tom,” said Chris Marino, CEO of AQUABLUE.

Schemly started his career in telecommunications as a sales consultant at Bell Atlantic, which became Verizon Communications after its merger with GTE. He gained great experience of connectivity and how to market the importance of underlying infrastructure. Schemly helped to sell and design networks at Lightpath and Fibertech for financial services, enterprise, healthcare and education customers. He gained exposure on large international projects with Hibernia Networks, now GTT, and at BSO before working on underlying infrastructure, wavelength services and developing new products while running the Telecom Solutions group at Cross River Fiber and then ZenFi Networks.

“I valued my time at ZenFi, in particular during the merger from Cross River Fiber and subsequent sale to BAI Communications,” Schemly said. “However, the opportunity to join AQUABLUE was too hard to turn down. Chris, Jim, and Tamir have built a people-first company and family environment with all the right fundamentals. They’ve made me feel so welcome and there’s a lot of growth and flexibility with my new role not just in terms of business and strategic partnerships, but also in leveraging my experience to enhance the buying side, customizable services, products, and pricing. I’m looking forward to the exciting new journey ahead.”

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