Orthobond Appoints New Chief Executive Officer and New President and Chief Operating Officer

North Brunswick-based Orthobond Corporation, a privately held medical device and biopharmaceutical company, announced that Charles S. Ryan, JD, PhD, is joining the company as chief executive officer and a member of the board of directors; Marc Burel, will serve the company as president and chief operating officer and will continue to serve on the board.  Dr. Ryan joins Orthobond from Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (CSHL), where he was vice president and general counsel.  Dr. Ryan also served for over a decade at Forest Laboratories (acquired by Actavis plc in July 2014), a specialty pharmaceutical company in New York, as its senior vice president & chief intellectual property counsel.  Mr. Burel joined the company in 2008 and has served in several leadership roles during his tenure with the company.  He has spent his career in the medical device industry and has lead teams in various companies including ProMed, Inc. and Osteotech.

“Orthobond is at an important juncture in its history, with major advances recently with our platform technology and the company beginning to advance the commercial efforts in the organization.  We are delighted to have Charles and Marc lead the organization to execute the strategic plan of the company,” said Dr. Gregory E. Lutz, MD, Co-Founder and Chairman of the Orthobond Board of Directors. “Charles is a seasoned executive in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries and has excelled in two companies that launched several products, creating significant shareholder value. Marc has worked extensively in the medical device industry and has built a strong reputation in bringing innovative technologies to this industry.  Together they complement each other and create a leadership team capable to negotiating several important transactions.”

“Orthobond has a promising platform technology with several important therapeutic applications in the medical device and biopharmaceutical industries.  The current initiative, to create antimicrobial surfaces to help reduce bacterial colonization associated with medical metallic and polymeric implants using proprietary phosphonic acid linker molecules bound to antimicrobial agents, continues to show promise in addressing iatrogenic contamination following the introduction of a surgical implant into a patient,” said Dr. Ryan.  “Our dedicated team of scientists at Orthobond are committed to improving the lives of patients through the advancement of the company’s platform technology,” said Mr. Burel.

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