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Ocean Power Technologies Announces Executive Management Changes

Ocean Power Technologies, Inc., a leader in innovative and cost-effective low carbon ocean energy solutions based on Monroe Township, announced that its board of directors appointed Philipp Stratmann as its new president and chief executive officer (CEO), and a director. Stratmann previously served as OPT’s vice president of global business development since 2019. In addition, the board of directors has elevated Matthew T. Shafer to senior vice president, chief financial oficer and treasurer.

Terence J. Cryan, chairman of OPT’s board of directors, stated, “Philipp is an experienced executive with a proven track record of developing and executing scalable business strategies, as evidenced most recently by OPT’s acquisition of 3dent Technology. Philipp’s knowledge of the company, his related industry connections, experience in renewable energy and maritime industries, and his leadership skills will drive OPT’s growth in the off-shore power and data solutions markets. Matt has successfully demonstrated financial leadership during the last 5 years at OPT. Together Philipp and Matt will drive OPT’s continuing growth.”

Stratmann received an Engineering Doctorate in Engineering Management as well as a Master of Engineering from the University of Southampton in the United Kingdom. He will be relocating from OPT’s Houston office to the New Jersey headquarters. Shafer, already located in New Jersey, is a Certified Public Accountant, has an MBA in Finance from Rutgers Business School, and a bachelor’s degree from The Stillman School of Business at Seton Hall University.

Cryan also expressed thanks to George H. Kirby, who is departing OPT to pursue other endeavors, for his service as president and CEO since 2015. “Mr. Kirby stepped into the CEO role during challenging times, providing the necessary structure and leadership. He built a solid team and laid the groundwork for OPT to succeed moving forward, enabling Mr. Stratmann and Mr. Shafer to advance the company’s key initiatives.”

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