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NJ & Arizona Bankers Associations Create Bankers Fintech Council

In a move aimed at propelling innovation in the financial services sector, the New Jersey Bankers Association and the Arizona Bankers Association have established the Bankers Fintech Council. The collaborative initiative is expected to create a platform for global fintech companies to stimulate economic growth within the financial services industry in the states of New Jersey and Arizona.

The Bankers Fintech Council represents a pioneering convergence of fintech enterprises and traditional banking institutions. Under this unified umbrella, the council will facilitate novel avenues for select fintech firms to engage with members of the NJ and AZ Bankers Fintech Council. These members will systematically assess the preparedness of fintech entities to collaboratively develop innovative products and services that will redefine the financial landscape.

The official commencement of the partnership will take place during the upcoming CCG Catalyst Consulting Fintech Fusion event, scheduled from October 18th to 20th, 2023, in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Jenn Zorn, the executive vice president/director of business development and education at NJBankers, expressed her enthusiasm about this groundbreaking partnership, stating, “We’re extremely excited about this new partnership, as it provides banks from across the country with the opportunity to discover synergies within the fintech space, explore cutting-edge solutions, and collaborate on future endeavors.”

This dynamic collaboration between the New Jersey Bankers Association and the Arizona Bankers Association through the Bankers Fintech Council heralds an era of innovation, growth, and partnership within the financial services industry, positioning New Jersey and Arizona as frontrunners in the fintech revolution.

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