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Murphy Outlines $242M Investment for NJ Transit

Gov. Phil Murphy reinforced his commitment to establishing a safer, fairer, more customer-friendly transit system for New Jerseyans, outlining plans for the additional $242 million state investment in NJ Transit announced in his budget address last week. The 172 percent funding increase for Fiscal Year 2019 will begin putting NJ Transit back on track – without a fare hike.

“New Jersey sits in a prime transportation corridor between New York and Philadelphia — we need to get transit right,” said Governor Murphy. “These critical investments will help turn NJ Transit around and help it become an agency that our residents can trust. Investments will also improve rider safety and help NJ Transit meet federal guidelines.”

This funding will enable NJ Transit to work toward improving the delivery of services and the customer experience, as well as restoring its fiscal stability. The funding in Governor Murphy’s proposed budget will help NJ Transit begin rebuilding itself to provide customers with the quality service they deserve.

“I’m extremely grateful for the Governor’s generous support and commitment in his proposed budget that provides NJ Transit with the funding it needs, and without subjecting our customers to a fare increase through FY19,” said NJ Transit Executive Director Kevin Corbett. “It is now up to us to deliver real results for our customers.”

“Governor Murphy’s budget recognizes the immediate needs that NJ Transit is facing,” NJDOT Acting Commissioner Diane Gutierrez-Scaccetti said. “This funding provides the necessary resources to make investments in people, equipment, and safety programs to restore NJ Transit to national prominence.”

The investments include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • $120 million – Replacement of non-recurring funding and “one-shots” that the former administration used as short-sighted alternatives to providing added State appropriations to NJ Transit’s operating budget;
  • $19 million – Workforce expansion, which includes funding to hire an additional 114 staff in the following areas: bus, rail, light rail, police operations and strategic administrative support services;
  • $21 million – Contractual escalations related to private transportation carriers that operate Hudson-Bergen Light Rail, the River LINE and selected bus routes, bus facilities maintenance, technological software improvements, and other programs that improve the overall health of the transit system;
  • $4 million – Bus and rail service expansion into/from New York and the Meadowlands station, to address both interstate overcrowding and the anticipated opening of the American Dream Meadowlands complex;
  • $28 million – Corrects the structural passenger revenue shortfall caused by using unrealistic annual passenger revenue assumptions;
  • $4 million – Other bus and rail needs that will enhance scheduling, provide timely media updates and communication with the public, and improve service reliability;

$11 million – Other growth that will provide additional support for NJ Transit to address various work priorities across its administrative functions.

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