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Murphy: ‘NJ All-in on AI’

Princeton University, in partnership with Gov. Phil Murphy and the New Jersey Economic Development Authority, hosted its inaugural AI Summit today. The summit saw experts and leaders explore and discuss AI applications in health, finance, sustainable energy and technology, while also addressing the technology’s societal implications and the opportunities to advance AI education and workforce development.

“I think it is fair to say that there is no state in America right now that is as all-in on AI and all of its facets as New Jersey is,” Murphy said.

In December, the governor and Princeton University President Christopher Eisgruber announced plans to build an AI research and development hub at the university – with the governor stating his goal is to establish New Jersey as the home-base for research and development in AI.

“There’s no better place in the nation to build a nexus for AI development than in the heart of New Jersey at Princeton University, which attracts the companies of the future with its innovation ecosystem and combination of location and talent,” Murphy continued. “This summit makes it entirely clear to me that this was the right step to take.”

Murphy said he believes the state is perfectly positioned to lead the way in harnessing generative AI to address some of the world’s “greatest challenges.”

He cited New Jersey’s renowned incubators for innovation, including its universities, Bell Labs, and other organizations, as well as the state’s talented workforce.

“Our state has the unique combination of talent, state-of-the-art resources and a thriving innovation ecosystem,” Murphy said. “We are coming together to think ahead about one of the most promising and potentially disruptive developments in human history. We are uniting behind the belief that we have an obligation to innovate responsibly when it comes to this realm.”

In October, Murphy also issued Executive Order No. 346, which established an AI Task Force charged with studying emerging AI technologies. The Task Force is responsible for analyzing the potential societal impacts of AI as well as preparing recommendations to identify government actions encouraging the ethical use of AI technologies.

The Executive Order also announced an initiative to educate New Jersey’s state workforce about the development, use, and risks of AI, and directed the administration to evaluate tools and strategies to improve government services through artificial intelligence, as well as explore ways in which artificial intelligence can stimulate economic growth, create jobs, and be deployed by employers to enhance training and talent development, especially for low-income residents.

The governor concluded his summit remarks by stating that it is imperative that state leaders continue to think many steps ahead when it comes to AI.

“Our administration wants to open new doors to our state’s emerging entrepreneurs so that they can shape the future of innovation both ambitiously and responsibly,” he said. 

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