Microplastic Removal Pilot Program Planned for ACUA Treatment Plant

PolyGone, in collaboration with the Atlantic County Utilities Authority (ACUA), announce a forthcoming pilot deployment in Atlantic City, located at ACUA’s wastewater treatment facility. The partnership involves the utilization of PolyGone’s microplastic filtration system, known as the Artificial Root, to complement ACUA’s existing water treatment operations. By deploying PolyGone’s microplastic filters along a specially designed attachment that operates both vertically and horizontally, the project aims to effectively capture aquatic pollutants and microplastic debris within the incoming wastewater flowing through ACUA’s main pipeline.

PolyGone is actively engaged in the pilot design phase in close collaboration with ACUA’s staff and is concurrently undertaking the construction of the requisite infrastructure to support the long-term collaboration. Multiple test trials are being conducted to fine-tune the latest iteration of PolyGone’s biomimetic device, which exhibits enhanced filtration capabilities. Notable improvements include the device’s ability to capture a greater number of particles through surface tension and minimized surface area coverage, increased durability when submerged in water, and reduced biofilm (bacterial) formation.

The partnership also aims to educate and inform the general public by establishing an educational pavilion at the ACUA site, so that visitors could witness the pilot in real-time and gain insights into the filter’s operational processes. The educational pavilion will showcase meticulously crafted infographics. Furthermore, visitors will have the privilege of hearing firsthand from PolyGone’s accomplished Co-Founders, Yidian Liu and Nathaniel Banks, as they provide comprehensive explanations of the project’s inception and ultimate realization during on-site tours.

ACUA has been recognized for its innovation and environmental leadership and hosts an impressive number of facility tours annually, attracting a diverse range of groups from elementary, middle, and high school students to college students, professional, community, and civic organizations. This partnership presents an abundance of educational opportunities to disseminate knowledge on microplastics and highlight the scientific methodologies employed by PolyGone in their research endeavors.

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