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Lakeland Bank Launches New Website – a ‘Virtual Branch’

Lakeland Bank announces the unveiling of its new website: The redesigned website is now fully accessible from both desktop computers and mobile devices, and is designed to be visually appealing and user-friendly.

Constructed to enrich the user experience, the innovative site incorporates a modern design and responsive technology to seamlessly optimize viewing capabilities for all devices and screen sizes. Intuitive navigation and simplified communication guides users to find what they are searching for quickly.

“As we introduce our modernized website, we present Lakeland Bank customers with the option to do just about everything that can be done in our branches, but online and at their convenience,” stated Thomas J. Shara, President and CEO. “The contemporary design, pleasant tone and cutting-edge technology create an experience customers will appreciate while providing the exceptional service they expect from Lakeland Bank.”

Essentially a virtual branch, while at customers can open an account, apply for a loan and learn about the wide variety of products and services that Lakeland Bank offers. In addition, the website is home to an assortment of informative resources, including educational videos, financial calculators and blog articles that cover topics such as financial planning, identity theft, saving money, retirement and planning for college.

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