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Investors Foundation Grants $80,000 to Robert Wood Johnson Hospital

Ill or injured children and their families are greeted in a calm, relaxing space when they enter the HH Tuchman Pediatric Emergency Center at the Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital Hamilton (RWJUHH), away from the commotion throughout the rest of the hospital. The separate pediatric emergency center is critical in allowing a child to relax, which is why the Investors Foundation, the charitable organization created when Investors Bank went public, and the Roma Community Bank Foundation has supported the center with $80,000 in grants over four years.

“Capital projects, such as the HH Tuchman Pediatric Emergency Center Capital Campaign, benefit the entire hospital community and help us achieve a common goal to provide excellent, patient-centered care to all who enter our doors and to continue to expand access to that care in the future,” said Lindsay M. Warren, MA, Assistant Director, Development, at RWJUHH.

The funds from the Investors and Roma Community Bank Foundations – recently the foundations donated $10,000 each – support the spacious center, which can accommodate multiple family members for each child being treated.

The unit, formerly used for cardiac patients, enables children and young adults up to age 21 to wait in a private area at the hospital, away from the chaos of an adult hospital waiting room. The unit currently has eight patient rooms and can treat up to nine patients at a time. Each room has a private setting for the child’s family. The center also has its own nursing station.

RWJUHH applied for the grants from the Investors and Roma Community Bank Foundations, which support non-profit organizations that enrich the diverse communities served by Investors Bank. Roma Bank became part of Investors Bank in December 2013.

“There are nearly 60,000 families living within a 15 minute car ride to the center, and nearly 15,000 pediatric patients were treated in 2014,” said Peggi Shader-Gother, Investors Bank Assistant Vice President and Robbinsville Branch Manager. “It can be scary for a child to walk into an emergency room, and so it is obvious to see the community needs a separate pediatric unit. The Investors Foundation is proud to have helped the HH Tuchman Pediatric Emergency Center get to where it is today.”

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