Horizon NJ Health to Launch Managed Long-Term Services and Supports Program

Horizon NJ Health, the state’s largest managed Medicaid health plan and an Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey (Horizon BCBSNJ) company, announced that it will launch a Managed Long-Term Services and Supports (MLTSS) program beginning July 1, 2014. Horizon NJ Health’s MLTSS program will be statewide.

New Jersey’s MLTSS program will serve individuals who have disabilities  and/or are over 65 years of age, who qualify for Medicaid, and are in need of nursing home level of care for certain daily activities. The MLTSS program is designed to promote independence, dignity and choice by allowing eligible individuals to remain in the comfort and familiarity of their homes and communities while receiving necessary care.

“Through MLTSS, Horizon will be better equipped to deliver evidence-based care to our Medicaid members, achieve a higher level of patient satisfaction, and improve the quality and efficiency of care,” said Kevin Conlin, Executive Vice President, Healthcare Management, Horizon BCBSNJ.

To support the MLTSS program, Horizon NJ Health has hired a combination of more than 200 care coordinators and nurses who will be out in the field daily, meeting with members and care-givers and delivering services

According to Erhardt Preitauer, Senior Vice President, Government Programs, Horizon BCBSNJ and CEO, Horizon NJ Health, the new MLTSS program will be highly effective in assisting individuals to remain independent and healthy.

“We have custom-built an MLTSS program that is specifically dedicated to the residents of New Jersey. At the core of this program is understanding the needs of our members, not just their medical needs, but their social needs, community needs, behavioral health and family needs,” said Preitauer.

Horizon NJ Health has been actively working with its vast network of participating providers in preparation for the launch of the MLTSS program.

“We have been educating our providers on MLTSS by presenting the information at conferences, during one-on-one meetings, and through a series of group webinars. Additionally, we’ve been working with various provider associations to educate their membership in large group meetings. Our priority is making ourselves available to answer all questions they may have regarding MLTSS,” continued Preitauer.

Horizon’s MLTSS program will be offered in all 21 New Jersey counties and is available to any New Jersey resident who meets the Medicaid eligibility requirements. For detailed information on the eligibility requirements, please visit

MLTSS is a State of New Jersey-driven initiative, made possible by New Jersey’s Comprehensive Medicaid Waiver and administered through the Department of Human Services’ Divisions of Medical Assistance and Health Services, Aging Services and Disability Services.


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