The Falcon Group Announces Drone Company Acquisition

The Falcon Group has completed an acquisition agreement with Vantage Vertical, a nationwide drone aerial imaging services firm.

“I am excited to bring my aviation and drone systems expertise to The Falcon Group,” says Vice President of Falcon Drone Services, Eric Koehler. “I foresee tremendous synergy stemming from our combination of drones with Falcon’s leadership in engineering and inspection services.”

Eric Koehler is an accomplished Fortune 100 executive and aviation expert. He has been flying for over 30 years, holds Airline Transport Pilot and Certified Flight Instructor certificates and has been an FAA Safety Team member since 2010. As an experienced photographer, with work appearing in aviation and real estate publications and television network productions, he brings proven expertise in business and finance, drone photography and analysis, and aviation to The Falcon Group.

This new venture will allow The Falcon Group to provide safer, more detailed inspections, forensic engineering studies and construction site progress reports for a multitude of existing and potential clients. Falcon Drone Services adds a whole new market segment to The Falcon Group by providing aerial photography, inspection, and photogrammetry services, nationwide.

“We are excited to position ourselves as leaders in this new market. The addition of advanced drone technology makes us more efficient in a vast array of services including inspections of roofs, mid and high-rise balconies, facades and in our inferred, litigation and civil work. This will result in savings and have a positive impact on the communities and buildings that we serve,” says Principal, Andrew Amorosi of The Falcon Group.

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