UNEX Manufacturing Acquires SpeedCell

Lakewood-based UNEX Manufacturing, Inc. announces the acquisition of SpeedCell Storage Systems of Zeeland, MI. SpeedCell’s dynamic high-density storage solution products complement Unex’s Span-Track Carton Flow and Flow Cell product lines, bringing an added dimension of a high-density storage medium to the pick, put or assembly line. The UNEX SpeedCell product line is a unique low cost solution to increase SKU density while reducing actual space requirements.

“We are very excited with this addition of SpeedCell and how it complements our pick, put and place storage solutions for manufacturing and distribution right up to the last mile,” said Mark Neuwirth, VP of Business Development, UNEX Manufacturing. “We now have a better solution for those items whose throughput simply require a better pick and storage medium then settling for traditional static shelving.”

The merger was unveiled on the eve of MODEX 2018, one of the world’s largest material handling and supply chain shows. UNEX has acquired the business assets of SpeedCell Storage Systems, manufacturer of the SpeedCell dynamic high-density storage solution products.

“Bringing high-density solutions to UNEX’s foremost Flow Cell Span-Track systems reduces  labor cost per pick, eliminates the need to hire additional workers and increases productivity,” adds Neuwirth. “It’s a win-win situation for both companies and the industry.”

The UNEX SpeedCell replaced deep cardboard boxes holding products for one customer, resulting in eliminating beam levels and adding locations at the floor level. By removing deep pins, order pickers have to simply reach into the cells and select parts, saving time. Picks are more ergonomic as multiple levels were eliminated.

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