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COI Energy Partners with New Jersey Innovation Institute

COI Energy, a digital energy management platform, announced a partnership with the New Jersey Innovation Institute (NJII) who will work alongside COI Energy to help hospitals, medical offices, long-term care facilities and other New Jersey businesses digitize their energy management to reduce energy waste and improve their bottom line.

Starting November 2020, organizations within the NJII network can enroll in COI Energy’s programs to monetize energy flexibility, reduce energy waste and unnecessary spend by improving the efficiency of their facilities. The COI Energy platform will also enable customers to benchmark their carbon reduction Through COI Energy’s digital energy management platform, New Jersey businesses will earn new revenues monthly through the sale of their unused or excess energy and/or generate savings by continuously monitoring and improving their energy efficiency.

COI Energy has deployed a scalable energy management platform that facilitates two-way communication between their customers to reduce costs, eliminate energy waste, and better support the electric grid. With real-time energy insights and customized alerts, businesses of any size are able to prevent energy waste before it occurs. By eliminating energy waste and supporting the electric grid, participating organizations ensure reliable power, safety, and resiliency not only in their own facilities, but also in their communities.

SaLisa Berrien, CEO of COI Energy, said “We are delighted to partner with an organization that is committed to helping improve the environment while reducing costs for its stakeholders. Customers on average spend 8 minutes a year thinking about energy. Many customers are not aware that they are in a position to make a huge impact by simply managing their energy demand – saving an average of 30% off their energy bill by improving energy efficiency while reducing carbon emissions. This is much needed support for healthcare facilities and businesses, especially during this time of rising costs and uncertainty due to COVID-19.”

Dan Kaminski, Senior Vice President and General Manager of NJII’s Data & Technology Division, said “We are excited to bring energy demand savings and new sources of revenues to businesses in New Jersey, especially those in the healthcare industry who are facing the enormous challenge of meeting the escalating needs of their patients at a time when their operation costs are rising and their revenues have declined..”

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