Amid MVC Woes, Motor Vehicle Expiration Dates Are Extended

New Jersey drivers’ licenses, vehicle inspection stickers, registrations and temporary tags that expired between March 13 and May 31 are now extended to September 30, and those that expired between June 1 and August 31 are now extended to December 31, Gov. Phil Murphy said at today’s state press conference.

It is against the backdrop of what by all accounts has been a New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC) reopening plagued by long lines, delays and many dissatisfied customers. MVC had been largely closed throughout the pandemic, and it now faces both a backlog as well as current demand.

Murphy said today, “None of us – I repeat, none of us – are happy with how this week has gone; not me, not [MVC] Chief Administrator Sue Fulton … none of us … and we are committed to creating a better experience.”

Murphy also said that when an MVC location says it has reached capacity, “… don’t hang around. Don’t camp out overnight … and while we recognize you may not be happy, don’t take it out on the hardworking MVC employees who are doing their jobs. They are our neighbors and fellow New Jerseyans.”

Murphy urged residents to visit the MVC website to learn if their motor vehicle requests can be completed online.

NJ’s Coronavirus Rate of Transmission Dips

While two days ago New Jersey’s statewide coronavirus rate of transmission sat at 1.10 – meaning that one infection was leading to at least one other – today the statewide coronavirus rate of transmission dipped to .98, Murphy said.

There were 908 statewide COVID-19 hospitalizations as of yesterday, 162 patients in intensive care, and 94 persons on ventilators. There were also 367 new positive COVID-19 cases.

Thirty-one (31) new fatalities were announced today, although Murphy stressed that they did not all occur since yesterday, but, in effect, are being announced today because all the attendant processes associated with the deaths (e.g., cause of death, death certificates) had been completed.

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