AME Corporation Announces Its Rebrand as Panova

Towaco-based AME Corporation, a contract manufacturer and supply chain solutions service provider, has rebranded itself as Panova. Panova partners with manufacturers, product engineers, and entrepreneurs to solve technical and supply chain challenges in the design and production of molded components and completed products.

“The name Panova fuses together our strengths — collaboration and light. In the spirit of collaboration, we aim to shed light on our partners’ challenges and promote creative thinking to solve unique problems,” said Ehren Dimitry, president of Panova. “We are also expanding our product design and product development capabilities. We bring this high-value solution to our partners through what we call ‘Simply Solve’.”

Panova provides three main services:

  • Contract Manufacturing for components, including rubber and plastic molding, and rubber-to-substrate bonded components.
  • Product Design and Development via reverse engineering, prototyping, production tool, and supply chain management for components and complete products.
  • Switch Seal and Self-Sealing Washers that are used in industrial and commercial applications where harsh conditions attack electrical and mechanical components.

“We pride ourselves in achieving high-quality manufacturing solutions for our clients in a variety of industries and applications. With our fully integrated supply chain solutions services, we bring our clients’ projects from design to prototype to final production,” said Dimitry. “We align with our partners to implement customized solutions that drive product innovation, cost savings, supply chain efficiency, and improve time to market.“

With the rebranding, Panova has launched a new website – – that highlights its Simply Solve approach to product development, engineering expertise, plastics and rubber manufacturing, and core product line. Its new blog provides insights on trends in product development, case studies, and other resources.

In addition, Panova has launched its Love Care Lift program. This initiative focuses on activities that provide inspiration and kindness with company partners and within Panova’s community, such as a card ministry, guest care center in its warehouse, and community service events throughout the year.

“You never know when an act of kindness will save someone’s life or be paid forward in unbelievable ways “The cascading effect will be beautiful to witness,” said Dimitry. “Behind every transaction there is a person.” It is from that perspective that Love Care Lift was born. The emphasis is to do everything with high intentions.”

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