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Affiliates Rebrand as ‘Princeton Property Partners’

Mercer Oak Realty and Princeton Property Management will take the name of their affiliate Princeton Property Partners.

According to CEO Aubrey Haines, “Mercer Oak Realty has served our commercial brokerage clients for over 20 years in the Princeton Region. In that time, we have created sister companies Princeton Property Partners and Princeton Property Management to invest and develop in projects in downtown Princeton and to manage and construct commercial and residential properties around the Princeton Region. Rebranding the names of our entities to Princeton Property Partners recognizes our dedication to bring a full range of services to our clients under one roof.”

Company President Sab Russo said, “Since deepening our service offering, we have acted as one company. Now, we are going to recognize that combination by operating under a single brand: Princeton Property Partners. Our vision continues to be the premier strategic partner for sophisticated real estate clients in Central New Jersey and across the Tri-State Region. The commercial real estate world is continually reinventing itself. We are doing the same to stay ahead of market trends”.

Working with StimulusBrand Communications, a strategic brand marketing and advertising agency in nearby Ewing, the team developed positioning around the new name and an all-new brand mark. A positioning tagline stating: Where you want to be., speaks on multiple levels to a prospect whether choosing a broker, scouting locations to relocate or even just previewing the website. Additional marketing efforts are underway including: new property signage, new website, sales collateral, presentations, print and digital advertising, public relations, social media, and more.

Chief Financial & Operations Officer Spencer Page said, “In a previous position as a C-Suite executive for a Fortune 500 company, I valued the customized solutions of a smaller company but we also needed the clarity of a single point of contact for a related suite of real estate services. Princeton Property Partners is able to offer exactly that to our larger, more sophisticated clients. We always strive to help our partners and clients achieve the highest return from their real estate resources, helping them to be where they want to be.”

Zac Anglin, director of the company, added, “I have worked with full-service development and brokerage companies in other markets and the Princeton Property Partners model is an ideal way to build a career in this business. I have been involved in sophisticated transactions and financial structures that reflect the aligned interests of our investors and operating partners. Princeton Property Partners is not only a great place to work but we have an attractive investment program that I am fully comfortable recommending to friends and family.”

Princeton Property Partners has offices in Ewing and Princeton. The company manages several commercial assets in downtown Princeton and over 250,000 square feet of commercial and multifamily space around the Princeton Region. The company has operated as a brokerage entity for over 20 years and its brokers have closed over $2.2 billion in commercial real estate transactions in the Princeton Region and across the US and in Europe.

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