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Marotta Controls Introduces New Valve for Light Payload, Low Earth Orbit Rockets

Montville-based Marotta Controls, a rapidly growing aerospace and defense supplier with a 65-year-plus heritage in spaceflight, announced availability of a new cartridge solenoid valve engineered for small- to medium-lift rockets as well as small (cube) satellites. The PLV623 is a compact 3-way, 2-position direct acting solenoid valve constructed to control cold inert gases.

In early 2021, Allied Market Research projected that the CubeSat satellite market will reach $491.3 million by 2027, demonstrating a 15% CAGR from 2020. Logically, there is a related demand increase for smaller, cost-efficient space launch vehicles to service this market. Research indicates that small satellite vehicles encompassed the highest market share in 2019 and are expected to be the largest growth segment by 2027.

“Space launch vehicles vary by application, by payload, by several different factors. It makes sense then that there be products designed to cater to specific missions to ensure the return on investment is there as well as the functionality,” said Maxwell Wolfinger, vice president, Space Systems, Marotta, Marotta Controls. “The PLV623 was designed for customers seeking to access Marotta’s quality and trusted performance, but within the budgets commensurate with smaller launch vehicles.”

The PLV623 valve’s simplicity enables quick and easy installation. The devices are qualified to the Air Force Space Command’s (AFSC) SMC-S-016 standard and are put through Marotta’s advanced cleaning and testing processes used for all space-bound hardware. This valve reduces part count by more than 50% over similar-spec legacy solenoid valves yielding similar cost savings.

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