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Realize the True Potential of LinkedIn

AGM helps optimize your LinkedIn profile.

Social media is a powerful tool for businesses. When utilized properly, one can effectively market his or her brand as well as locate, connect with, and build relationships with new customers and fellow professionals anywhere in the world.

LinkedIn has long been viewed as the “professional” social media platform. You won’t find the beach profile pictures of Facebook, or the rock concert clips from Snapchat on the site. Instead, you’ll find entrepreneurs, industry professionals and top-talent connecting with each other and bolstering their professional networks.

Julbert Abraham, chief executive officer of Abraham Global Marketing (AGM), started his company in 2013. AGM is an internet marketing service that – simply put – helps people and companies with all aspects of perfecting their LinkedIn profiles.

AGM’s services include group and one-on-one training and coaching as well as its popular “Do It For You” service, where the AGM team helps companies save time by setting up, optimizing and running their entire LinkedIn profile on their behalf.

“We work with small- and mid-sized companies around the world on LinkedIn training, marketing, consulting, advertising and recruiting,” Abraham says. “For example, we recently did training for a bank where we trained its branch managers and loan officers on how they can maximize LinkedIn to find more referrals.”

LinkedIn was recently purchased by Microsoft and has undergone some significant aesthetic and functional changes, such as the ability to upload videos via LinkedIn Native Video.

“[This is] an amazing way for any company to [further] build out its brand and share it with the world. People can see you and see the culture – which is massive because that profile is [often] the first impression,” Abraham says. “I see LinkedIn as your professional digital footprint.”

AGM, headquartered in Kearny, currently has nine employees and serves practically every industry imaginable, including: real estate, finance, accounting, law, IT, insurance, construction and more.

“The key for us is to understand what the client is looking for, so we can come up with strategies that will benefit them,” Abraham says.

He adds that the average person often just views LinkedIn as a tool to use when they are looking for a job, but the platform offers so much more. From networking, fundraising and building your personal brand, even non-profits can benefit by using the platform to find donors and volunteers.

AGM is looking to grow and hire more employees, and expand its Channel Partner program by partnering with marketing consultants across the globe.

“Some people think that if they buy LinkedIn Premium and have a profile, people are just going to come to them – but it doesn’t work like that,” Abraham says. “You need to work the platform, and have a plan to make it work.”


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