Mira Plastics Excels in a Globally Competitive Environment

Mira Plastics, based in Fredon Township, Sussex County, is a manufacturer of thermoplastic injection-molded products. The company proudly boasts that 100% of production is accomplished in New Jersey. All items are custom made for a variety of industry clients. Manufactured products range from, but are not limited to, laboratory and scientific equipment to school supplies, energy systems and industrial components.

Mira Plastics is a third-generation, family-owned business founded in 1955. Its 25 employees work in a 62,000-square-foot facility that has 18 modern injection molding machines that allow the company to produce items of varying sizes and complexity. It is equipped to provide ultrasonic welding, hot stamping, heat transfer decal, 3-D CAD design, mold flow simulation, and 3D printing. Mira also provides on-site storage, shipping and receiving for warehousing and distribution needs.

Like many US manufacturers today, the company is facing global competition, losing jobs and business to overseas firms in countries where the overall costs of doing business are less. Inflation is also impacting costs ranging from raw materials and insurance premiums to salaries and benefits.

According to Mira Plastics, “Our [government] leaders need to do more to protect American manufacturing of all kinds. We can out-compete any company and any country in terms of service and quality. It’s the cost disparity that is often insurmountable.

“Our nation should be able to self-sustain without relying so heavily on imported items. However, if the end goal is solely cost-driven, and overseas countries are less costly, we here in America will lose. Being in business, and staying in business, involves tremendous work and sacrifice.

Mira’s longevity and integrity, coupled with its responsive customer service and ISO certified quality system, will help tip the scale in its favor when it comes to competition. “We believe that it matters to both purchase and produce right here in America,” the company said. “We offer an exceptionally clean, safe, friendly work environment and utilize solar power to offset energy consumption, while all of our production utilizes materials that are either recycled or are recyclable.”

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