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In Action – Member Action Center: An Individual Approach to Advocacy

In Action on Helping Members

NJBIA’s advocacy on behalf of business strives to create an environment where entrepreneurs can succeed, grow and create jobs. A great deal of effort goes into shaping the legislation and the regulations that come out of state government. Nevertheless, many businesses would still run up against problems with the way laws are implemented and regulations are enforced. So in 2016, NJBIA began taking a more individualized approach to advocacy.

The Member Action Center (MAC) was created to help individual member companies one at a time to sort through the tangle of state regulations and laws. We have since expanded that effort to include a legal hotline and the Municipal Assistance Program to help with local laws and regulations.

Cutting Red Tape. Every business, regardless of size, is regulated by the state. On their own, they struggle to get the information or assistance they need. NJBIA has relationships with every state agency so our staff knows whom to speak with and how to resolve the problem. In its first year, the MAC has addressed problems like helping builders renew their Contractor Registration Licenses, contractors having trouble getting paid for their work with government agencies, and even businesses that are temporarily shut down by the state.

Legal Hotline. Often, just knowing which rules and regulations apply to a business can be difficult, let alone the best way to be in compliance. NJBIA has created a legal hotline through the law firm Jackson Lewis, that provides NJBIA members with 30 minutes of free legal consultations on HR issues impacting their businesses. Members can call 844-424-8197 and get help with legal issues surrounding overtime pay, dealing with disruptive employees, updating company handbooks and virtually any other HR-related legal issue.

Information. Businesses can always search the web for information, but what they get may not be accurate and they’ll often have to spend a lot of time doing it. NJBIA can help find the information a business needs within a couple of business days, if not 24 hours. In the past year, NJBIA has helped consultants become approved training providers with the state, provided lists of grants for businesses looking to hire some staff, and provided demographic information when needed.

Resources. NJBIA has expanded the assistance it provides to employers by launching the Municipal Assistance Program (MAP). Like the MAC does on the state level, the MAP helps businesses with local issues, such as permitting and municipal approvals, identifying municipal procurement opportunities, interpreting local rules, regulations and public contract laws – and more. The MAP utilizes the expertise of William G. Dressel Jr., the long-time executive director of the League of Municipalities.

NJBIA’s advocacy efforts will continue to be as strong as ever. With the MAC and now the MAP, NJBIA is putting that advocacy to work on an individual level.



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