The Medical Publishing Picture

Third-generation medical publisher sets sights on evolving with the healthcare industry.

Medical publishing has been a part of Michael Hennessey, Jr.’s DNA since 1978, when his grandfather Jack Hennessey started his first publishing company. Today, Hennessey, Jr. is a third-generation medical publisher and president of Michael J. Hennessy Associates (MJH Associates), a healthcare communications company that his father, Michael Hennessy, Sr., founded in 1999.

“This industry and business has been a part of my family for as long as I can remember,” Hennessey, Jr. says, who has been with MJH Associates for 11 years. “From my grandfather, to seeing my father found MJH Associates while working in our basement, I took a keen interest in it by the time I was 12 years old.”

Today, MJH Associates provides communications services, education and research to its clients in all aspects of the healthcare industry.

“We work with pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device companies throughout the country to help them reach their target audiences, whether it’s physicians, pharmacists, nurses, patients, etc.,” Hennessey, Jr. says. “We have a portfolio of print and digital product lines that include, Pharmacy Times, MD Magazine, and our newest platform and acquisition, CURE magazine. We also host live events, educational programs and provide custom market research for our clients.”

Hennessey, Jr. says the company’s goal is to ultimately improve patient care, which begins with education.

“What we do has a two-pronged approach,” he says. “It starts with our pharmaceutical and biotech clients. Then it goes to our end-users, who are the doctors, nurses and patients. Our job is to keep these end-users abreast of the latest content coming out of these medical fields on behalf of our pharma and biotech clients, for instance.”

With the pace that the health-care industry has been changing, Hennessey, Jr. says it has been crucial for MJH Associates to evolve as well.

“The number of new companies, compounds and medications in the pharma and biotech industries are much greater than it used to be a decade ago,” he says. “So, everything is happening much faster today. It is why we have been transitioning to a more online and video-centric approach.”

In order to keep pace with the healthcare evolution and the way media is consumed, MJH Associates will soon be moving its operations, and approximately 300 employees, into a larger location in Cranbury to accommodate its growth.

“Last year, we experienced a 33 percent growth,” Hennessey, Jr. says. “With our move to Cranbury, we will be expanding to include a full-service video studio to better help our clients get their messages to their target audiences. Moreover, we have been expanding our reach to other countries to focus on recent health issues that have been occurring around the world. … Our growth and transition is just a sign of the times.”


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