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Burrelles Media Monitoring

Company helps businesses find out what’s being said about them across all media channels. By Jim Pytell, Assistant Editor

Imagine if you could see every single mention of your company, your competition or your products online, on television and in print. With the sheer volume of information available for consumption in today’s digital age, it seems like an impossible task, but Florham Park-based Burrelles is helping its clients acquire this valuable information.

The 130-year-old family-run media monitoring firm was founded in 1888 and began as a husband and wife team cutting out newspaper articles at a kitchen table in order to track mentions and let companies know what people were saying about them.

As media evolved, Burrelles evolved, transitioning from just clipping newspapers, to using cutting-edge technology to monitor all forms of media, and using big data analytics to provide actionable insights for business leaders in today’s data-driven business ecosystem.

“It’s basically keeping tabs on whatever you – as a company – feel is important to keep tabs on,” says Robert Iommazzo, president of Burrelles. “We are helping to provide better insights into companies’ C-suites.”

Burrelles offers a variety of monitoring and analytics services, all offering a seemingly endless array of potential uses for a company. These can range from a cosmetic company simply wanting to track its mentions in various magazines, for example, to a company wanting to see what is being said about its competitors on social media, to helping a company deal with crisis management.

In reference to the latter, Iommazzo explains that, “If something bad is happening to a company’s brand or product, it can be alerted as soon as something is treated or written so it can react accordingly and manage the message.”

Iommazzo says that Burrelles’ partnerships with various technology companies have been a key to tackling the challenge of staying on the cutting edge of today’s rapidly evolving digital world.

“When you look at Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and other social media platforms, there are companies that are best in class and have developed software that does that type of monitoring extremely well,” Iommazzo says.

By utilizing this strategy of collaboration, Iommazzo says Burrelles is able to stay ahead of the technological curve and work in tandem with experts in specific areas to provide its clients with the top notch services available.

Burrelles has approximately 250 employees and, in addition to its headquarters, it has offices in Maine and Utah.

Iommazzo is excited about the future growth of Burrelles, and is looking forward to charting the waters of technological change that the 130-year-old company has navigated so well over the past century.

“I’m excited about being a part of something that has so much history,” Iommazzo says. “In the world of technology you have to constantly be innovative, and working with a company that has been around for so long, it gives you a sense of pride.”

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