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Saint Peter’s Healthcare System Donates $70k to City of New Brunswick in Support of Homeless Outreach

Saint Peter’s Healthcare System, the parent company of Saint Peter’s University Hospital, recently presented $70,000 to the City of New Brunswick with grant money specifically designated to support homeless outreach. The funds will directly impact the city’s newest initiative called the “Homeless Prevention Outreach and Integrated Service Response Program” and will operate under the auspices of New Brunswick’s Department of Human and Community Services.

The grant will allow the city to hire a full-time employee whose new position as head of the Municipal Homeless Outreach Team (MHOT) will be responsible for developing and supervising the new program. In this capacity, the supervisor will support the existing three part-time employees currently dedicated to homeless services. The MHOT’s responsibilities include identifying homeless individuals within New Brunswick’s city limits and offering to connect them to resources such as food, housing, and medical and mental health services.

“As part of our Catholic mission, Saint Peter’s has had a long history of supporting the most vulnerable in the community and that includes those citizens being cared for inside the hospital as well as those beyond our walls,” said Leslie D. Hirsch, FACHE, president and CEO of Saint Peter’s Healthcare System. “Social determinants of health are a major focus at Saint Peter’s because we’ve seen time and time again how a host of socioeconomic and environmental factors such as housing, income, education, access to healthy food and more can significantly impact an individual’s health and well-being.”

In addition to direct outreach and engagement with the city’s homeless population, the funds will support the creation of a database consisting of valuable information that will impact the development of long-term strategies to improve the lives of this vulnerable population.

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