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NJ State Funding is Still Available to Remediate Lead and Abate Homes Built Before 1978

New Jersey renters and landlords can now take advantage of a state-funded program created to remove lead-based paint from residential properties built before 1978. The NJ Lead Remediation and Abatement Program (LRAP), which is administered by the NJ Dept. of Community Affairs (NJDCA), is backed by a $180 million federal grant. Grantees (nonprofits, for-profit agencies, or municipalities) will work to remediate or abate lead-based hazards from residential properties of low-to-moderate-income households in communities where lead paint has been found.


Those residing in or owning a residential property in NJ built prior to 1978 are encouraged to have properties tested for lead to determine initial program eligibility.  Unless previously remediated, most structures built before this time may still have lead-based paint.

LRAP eligibility criteria include:

  • Residential property tested positive for lead-based paint;
  • Must consist of 1-4 residential units; and
  • Resident/tenant applicants must meet income qualifications (low-to-moderate), calculated as 80% of area median income in their respective counties


Residents/tenants and landlords believed to be program eligible, may apply online at https://leadabatement.nj.gov/. Once there, click the “Public (Tenants or Landlords)” dropdown to verify individual household income qualifications via the chart provided and apply online.

LRAP applications completed for submission must include:

  • Copies of social security cards or equivalent documentation from one household member over the age of 18;
  • Proof of residence at the property; and
  • Signed “Confirmation of Receipt of Lead Pamphlet.”

Note: Landlords not living in a program-eligible property may only complete the LRAP application on behalf of household income-qualified tenants. Landlords must provide all of the program documentation required of tenant applicants. Landlord income eligibility cannot be used for this program.

Learn more at https://leadabatement.nj.gov.

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