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HVAC Cooling Is Cooler than Ever

Each spring, business owners inevitably ask themselves the same question: Do I really need a new AC system? But with HVAC manufacturers continuing to pioneer the types of technologies and innovations that can optimize your operations so effectively, it gets harder to keep saying ‘no’ each year. Especially when federal funding and other incentives make investing in energy efficiency today one of the smartest decisions for your business. Here are just a few more reasons why.

Ductless Mini-Splits

Many consider these AC units to be the most energy efficient of all. With advancements in inverters and air compressors—along with zone controls for added efficiency and comfort—ductless mini-splits have quickly become a go-to favorite for a range of business types.

Variable Speed Motors

Older HVAC units rely on motors that inefficiently cycle on and off according to demand. But newer HVACs come with variable speed motors that adjust speeds to changing conditions, which not only saves energy, but also lessens wear and tear.

Better Airflow Design

Improved airflow makes today’s AC systems more efficient at distributing cool air. These units work less, cool more, and provide even greater comfort, all while consuming less energy.

Innovative Materials

The latest and greatest systems are designed with innovative new materials that feature superior thermal quality, optimizing energy exchange and insulation to reduce costly energy loss.

Lastly, artificial intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT) are taking air conditioning systems to new heights in automated function and intelligent operation—conserving energy, controlling spend, and delivering greater sustainability.

For these reasons, and so many more, perhaps it’s now time to say ‘yes’ to that new AC system, after all.

Connect. Conserve. Save. Repeat.

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