Holding Your Own Against Today’s Most Pressing Cyber Threats

For all the attention that we give to cybercrime, people are still falling victim to hacks and scams every day. With most businesses operating more in the digital sphere than ever before, it stands to reason that they need to do more to keep from them being a victim of a data breach, or worse. Here are some security practices your business should implement to keep from being a victim of a cyberattack.

Network Monitoring

  • Utilize tools such as incident protection and detection to gain insight into your network’s traffic.

Endpoint Detection

  • Using AI, modern endpoint detection helps find, stop, and mitigate even the toughest malware.

Patch Management

  • Stay up to date with Microsoft patches as well as any firmware updates for other equipment.

Vulnerability Scanning

  • Fixing holes and other vulnerabilities on your network will greatly reduce your attack landscape.

Data Backup

  • Remember to check backups regularly, verify that they are encrypted, and make sure you have at least 3 copies of your data, on two different mediums, with one offsite.

Wireless Networks

  • Separate your Guest Wi-Fi from your Employee Wi-Fi and your Corporate Wi-Fi.

Security Training

  • Conduct training courses and tests to aid the workplace against cyber-attacks.

Password Hygiene

  • Ensure your passwords are unique and preferably generated as well as protected with multi-factor authentication.

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