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AT&T 5G is here

Businesses of all sizes are wondering how 5G is currently being used, which use-case technologies will benefit them, and how they should build them into their growth strategies. 5G is not just for consumers, and it is already having an impact on some businesses today— and it’s only the beginning.

5G will allow businesses to modernize and also help disrupt entire industries. Many businesses are already using or experimenting with 5G technologies and network configurations to achieve better business results than before.

Retail: Innovative trends and personalization are reshaping what many people expect when they enter a store or building. Adding 5G technology to an existing network architecture can help power new offerings that many retailers are beginning to provide, such as VR and AR, futuristic dressing rooms, and personalized improvements to the hospitality industry.

Transportation: 5G technology has the potential to provide increased visibility and control over transportation systems. The lower latency, high capacity, and high reliability can enhance how goods and people travel. 5G will eventually help unify network protocols, improve safety and reliability, and provide end-to-end connectivity across our cities and beyond.

Manufacturing: Smart factories will be filled with sensors, each monitoring different aspects of the working environment. They’ll also feature connected tools, using information ranging from location to accelerometer data to understand where and how they’re being used to guide workers accordingly. 5G’s high capacity, wireless flexibility, and lower-latency performance make it a good choice to support manufacturers.

5G and related technologies can help enable large-scale, near-real-time monitoring and proactive maintenance of factory automation equipment, helping to improve production. With 5G, an automated Material Handling System could be equipped with a full suite of devices to collect important data on acceleration, position, temperature, humidity, and gas-flow rates.

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