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5 Quick Energy Efficiency Tips

Now that summer is in full swing, and cooling costs are nudging up everyone’s energy spend, New Jersey businesses are looking to conserve and save any way possible. But not everyone has the budget to install brand-new, energy-efficient HVACs or state-of-the-art central air conditioners. No need to worry: There are a few quick and simple improvements most business owners can make on their own to help reduce energy costs—not only for the summer, but throughout the year. Additionally, many such improvements are incentivized by state and federal rebates, credits, and other deductions, which can increase your savings even more. Here’s a peek at just five easy fixes you can do right now.

Perform Preseason Tune-Ups

It’s always a good idea to have your business’s mechanical equipment checked and tuned twice a year right before the start of each summer and winter season. Clean out filters, ducts, and flues to eliminate any accumulated dust and debris. Lubricate all moving parts. Check for leaky gaskets on your boilers and pipes, and replace worn insulation. Most people don’t realize the difference these fairly routine fixes can make, or that many are incentivized.

Implement Lighting Controls

The average business owner would be shocked to learn how many lights remain on, all day and all night, needlessly clocking kilowatts. Again, there’s another easy solution. First, replace all incandescent bulbs with energy-efficient LEDs. Next, install motion sensors and automatic dimmers in all locations that are used intermittently. The cumulative savings of controlling your lighting use can add up significantly month-over-month.

Install Smart Thermostats

If there are areas of your business still cooled or heated via outdated analog thermostats, you’re likely spending more than you need to on energy. It’s as simple as that. Smart thermostats can be programmed to maintain ideal efficiency and comfort around the clock. Plus, they automatically learn and follow your schedule, helping you conserve and save year-round without you even having to think about it.

Invest in Advanced Power Strips

Swap out standard power strips for models with built-in plug load management features. Plug load management cuts the power completely to appliances, devices, and other equipment that still draw phantom loads of electricity even when turned off or in standby mode. These smart strips can also be programmed to activate and deactivate on a schedule.

Switch Flow Direction on Ceiling Fans

Changing the direction of the blade rotation on ceiling fans can maximize performance and energy efficiency. In the winter, make sure your fans are set to gently push rising hot air back down, and in the summer, the reverse, which pulls up and disperses the hot air.

One Bonus Tip

Depending on the habits and behaviors of your employees, each of these tips, individually, will help you conserve and save—but the combined effect is even greater. In addition, your savings may increase even more when you deduct all eligible energy efficiency incentives. To take advantage of these and many more opportunities, contact PSE&G’s team of Energy Efficiency Advisers, whose free guidance can help your business make the most of these quick and easy fixes.

Connect. Conserve. Save. Repeat.

These are just some of the programs and solutions available through PSE&G’s Business Energy Saver Program. New Jersey businesses are encouraged to explore these and many other resources at bizsave.pseg.com or by calling 1-844-300-PSEG (7734). Learn how PSE&G is committed to being a trusted partner in energy efficiency.

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