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Phillip E. Goldstein, CPA, CEO

Goldstein Lieberman & Company LLC

Our firm has been recognized among the very best accounting and business consulting firms in the industry by every ratings organization for well over a decade. We have helped our clients grow over the years from sometimes startups to international companies. We are especially good at helping companies that have lost their way financially.

Our firm has some of the most recognized companies as clients in industries such as: Commercial Real Estate, Residential Real Estate, Manufacturing, Wholesale, Construction, Medical Profession, Legal Profession, and the list goes on. 

The reason why these companies are with Goldstein Lieberman & Company is because we get results for our clients’ other companies can’t, and we help our clients not only reach their business goals, we help them reach their personal goals as well. 

At Goldstein Lieberman & Company, we treat each client like they are family and that is why so many of our clients come to our firm and stay with us for decades. 

Crossroads Corporate Center 
One International Blvd, Suite 700 
Mahwah, NJ 07495 

MAIN: 800-839-5767 | OFFICE: 201-512-5700 | FAX: 201-512-5701 | 

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