Standing at the Edge of Brighter Days

After two long years of a pandemic that has upended our lives, New Jersey stands on the edge of brighter days ahead. I don’t know if we’ll ever feel comfortable saying “mission accomplished” in our fight against COVID-19, but we remain ever-optimistic that our collective efforts – of our healthcare leaders, clinicians and support teams – will continue to carry New Jersey through our post-pandemic recovery.

We are forever grateful to the healthcare professionals who have been tireless in their service and commitment: the leadership to forge solutions in a carefully planned emergency response; the clinical expertise that has increased survival; the massive operation to protect our communities through vaccination; and the tenacity to maintain this vigilance and continue to encourage all those we serve.

Even as we invest our energies in caring for today’s patients, we also are eager to turn our experiences into actions and innovations for the future. The disruptive force of COVID-19 will continue to impact all aspects of our personal and professional lives – from workforce shortages, to technology, to a redefinition of what “workplace” really means in a post-pandemic world.

However, for NJHA, its 400 members and the 150,000-plus employees who power our hospitals, we’re ready to look forward and return our focus on improving the health of all New Jerseyans. That’s a responsibility we’ve long embraced, and the vulnerabilities revealed in this pandemic have revealed once again just how critical that mission is.

Cathy Bennett, President and CEO, New Jersey Hospital Association

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