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Innovator of the Year Finalists

positionsensorlr-19rarev1Alliance Sensors Group

Alliance Sensors Group (AGS), located in Moorestown, is a developer and manufacturer of position sensors for various industrial measurement applications. The company’s standard product lines feature linear position sensors, rotary position sensors, and sensor support electronics. AGS has developed a linear position sensing technology called Linear Variable Inductance Transducer (LVIT), which offers significant benefits for most applications, including higher reliability, lower cost, better performance and easier installations than most common competitive sensing technologies. The company, which has eight full-time employees, was founded in 2012 by Harold G. Schaevitz and his father, Howard A. Schaevitz.


GD, or General Devices (as it was formally known), is a Ridgefield-based developer of telemedicine devices. The company, with 30 full-time employees, was founded in 1979 in Bogota as an engineering contract design firm. It honed its skills on project work for companies such as Sony Medical, and in 1990, became a developer and manufacturer of its own products. Its leading technologies include: the CAREpoint workstation and e-Bridge mobile telemedicine system that allows paramedics to communicate voice, text, pictures and live video from an ambulance or patient home to a physician at a hospital. GD also developed and deployed the first city-wide EMS (mobile) telemedicine system in Tucson, AZ. Additionally, the company is an active proponent of FirstNet, a next-gen national public-safety broadband LTE wireless network under development.

partslifeevent_173Sam Thevanayagam, Founder, Parts Life, Inc.

Sam Thevanayagam is the founder of Moorestown-based Parts Life, Inc. The company, with 10 full-time employees, helps the US government, particularly the Department of Defense, mitigate the obsolescence risk of military systems. As an example, the US Navy has more than 15,000 parts that lack a source of supply. This means critical assets sit idle and missions are hindered. As a solution, Thevanayagam developed the R.O.P.E. (Rapid Obsolescence Planning and Execution) service, in which Parts Life, Inc. acts as the central catalyst in an extended network of suppliers, designers, DMS managers, and other stakeholders. The capabilities include customized parts solutions, life cycle sustainment, service life extension, and lifetime support for each and every part. Thevanayagam’s innovative process benefits smaller manufacturers and suppliers in New Jersey and other states as R.O.P.E.® creates demand for their services again.

dsc_0148Woodstock Farms

Woodstock Farms of Edison delivers custom “better-for-you” private label snack brands and bulk cases for best-in-class retailers and manufacturers. The company specializes in organic nuts, dried fruit, trail mix, seeds and grains. With 105 full-time employees, the company performs all facets of brand development, sourcing quality commodities from around the globe, manufacturing, roasting, mixing, package design and developing flexible packaging solutions based on customer specifications. It teams up with Oakland, New Jersey-based NuSpice, which provides organic seasoning for Woodstock’s organic commodities. Woodstock Farms has sold more than $1.7 million in organic flavored snacks since November 2015. Additionally, Store Brands magazine selected Woodstock’s Organic Apple & Honey Almonds as the “Best New Product” for 2016.