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Falstrom Company Celebrates 150 Years!

In 1870, a young Swedish craftsman named Gustav Falstrom established a small metalworking shop in Passaic, New Jersey. Applying proven techniques learned as an apprentice at a leading metalworking manufacturer near Stockholm as well as his own new ideas, Falstrom was able to become a major Northern New Jersey-area supplier of fabricated metal products including such items as skylights, tin metal roofing, cornices, leaders and gutters.

Falstrom Company continued to develop into the 20th century to become a pioneer in the packaging and welding fields. The Company was one of the first metal fabricators in New Jersey to install an electric arc welder, an electric spot welder and a large power brake for bending and forming sheet metal. To accommodate the new equipment and increasing sales, the Company moved in 1922 to a newly built plant on Falstrom Court in Passaic, a site conveniently located near major highways serving the New Jersey-New York area. Over the years, the facility grew in size from the original 25,000 square feet to in excess of 120,000 square feet.

Today, Falstrom Company is owned and operated by a fourth generation with Clifford Lindholm III, great-grandnephew of Gustav Falstrom, serving as president and CEO. Under the current leadership, Falstrom Company continues to manufacture complex components for leading Defense & Aerospace companies. Products include, rugged weldments, custom electronic enclosures, electronic assemblies and precision machined parts. Many of these components serve as integral parts of submarines, surface ships, jet aircraft and space launch vehicles.

The progress hasn’t stopped. Falstrom Company acquired K-D Industries in 2018, adding precision machining and subcontract management capabilities. The Company and all employees pride themselves and their work on the name Gustav Falstrom established 150 years ago. Falstrom employees will continue to make components for some of the most complex systems in the world taking humans under the sea and into outer space. It all began 150 years ago when a young Gustav Falstrom set up shop in Passaic, NJ.

Year Established:

Engineering, Design, Welding, Precision Machining, Electromechanical Assembly

Senior Executives:
Clifford F. Lindholm III, President & CEO

Pankaj Mehta, Vice President

1 Falstrom Court,
Passaic, New Jersey

Phone: 973-777-0013



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