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Inserra ShopRite Wallington and Adjacent Retail Center

The new Inserra ShopRite Supermarket is proving to be the pied piper for the Wallington Plaza Shopping Center. Since the store’s opening in early Spring 2015, the Plaza has become a hub of retail activity, thanks largely to improvements to the center that have occurred with the ShopRite as a successful anchor tenant.

The Inserra ShopRite’s 60,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art store offers a wide variety of specialty departments, including a sushi bar, café and prepared foods, in addition to the traditional supermarket departments. They all are complemented by an interior décor that highlights each department throughout the store. A Wellness Center is located on site with a full-time nutritionist providing educational classes, promoting healthy food selection and teaching meal preparation.

Since food markets are among the largest retail energy consumers, any reduction in energy usage has a significant impact on operational costs. The Inserra ShopRite incorporates some of the latest developments in energy efficient technologies to help reduce the amount of energy consumed, while ensuring employee and shopper comfort. This includes an energy efficient skylight technology that is supplemented with artificial light only when needed during the day and at night.

With the new supermarket open and an overwhelming success, work is continuing throughout the center, guided by Guzzo + Guzzo Architects. Construction is underway in the other retail spaces, and the dated plaza façade is being replaced with a uniform and integrated design. A new parking lot and site design were completed to allow for easier access and to handle the greater amount of traffic the center is attracting.

As final proof of the pudding, the remaining stores have been fully leased by a variety of businesses that will complement the supermarket and benefit the community at large by providing hundreds of local jobs. Additionally, the $11-million project is serving as an inspiration to other town businesses to rejuvenate their properties to add to the town’s long-standing feeling of community.

The site employs 150 full-time and 20 part-time workers.

Guzzo + Guzzo Architects, LLC

Century 21 Construction
River Edge

Jim Kirkos
Meadowlands Regional Chamber of Commerce


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