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A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

Parker at Monroe

If ever we have a need for a “good neighbor,” it’s as we age. Parker at Monroe is just the kind of neighbor we need. The long-term care living community has demonstrated a unique, personal and emotionally supportive setting where an aging individual can enjoy a personalized and home-like environment while receiving attentive nursing home care.

The $32.25-million Parker at Monroe complex is not a traditional nursing home. Parker’s philosophy is to enable residents to maintain as much independence as they can, based on their individual situations, so its design creates “neighborhoods” of “homes” rather than the typical dorm-like rooms found elsewhere. At Parker, each resident has a private living space and uniquely designed bathroom with a large shower, shares a living room – including a fireplace and an outside garden – and a shared area which allows the residents to choose when they want to eat their meals. If they want, they even can do their own laundry in their home.

In Parker at Monroe’s setting, residents can choose the activities and social interactions they desire. An individual can read a book or just sit and meditate, and still be with others in the community without being singled out for not engaging in a specific activity.

The atmosphere of each neighborhood is warm and caring, with staff interacting with residents in a way reminiscent of being in their own home, supported by a loving family.

This concept apparently has a positive effect on staff as well as residents. Parker at Monroe employs approximately 200 healthcare workers who take pride in their relationships with “their” residents. In turn, Parker appreciates its staff and offers many employee benefits, resulting in one of the highest employee retention rates in the healthcare industry

Even prior to Parker at Monroe’s opening, Parker Home participated in numerous community events, especially those geared for the senior and active adult communities.

Spiezle Architectural
Group, Inc.

Irwin & Leighton Commercial Builders

The Honorable
Gerald Tamburro
Monroe Township

Bonnie Leibowitz
Monroe Township
Office of Aging


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